Monday, August 18, 2008

British Wind Recordings Available For the First time In Don Cheedle!

Hey everybody, it's Soloman Cake, and it’s time to take pregnancy seriously again!

I lost a bag of pre-natal vitamins in the aquarium store…AGAIN! I called them from the pay phone at Larry Bird’s house, but they told me I was a liar and hung up. I really dropped the omelette on that one.

But that’s ok, lighting does strike twice, and if you’re a teamster, it just strikes. I got a couple bags of dog chili from the laundromat, so I guess when one door closes, someone gets a boner. Besides, the American press loves a taco now and then.

Everybody knows that you can get hiccups from a toilet seat. That's why I bring my own place mat to the Applebees in my neighborhood. And remember: just because if looks like pancake batter, doesn't mean you should taste it.

Thanks everybody, I'm Soloman Cake!

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